What is a session?

A session is a form of interaction between me and the slave (aka the loser)…There are basically 4 types of sessions and they are: phone, webcam, skype, & real-time…

Phone Sessions

These sessions are done via NiteFlirt. I have an ignore line, which is self explanitory – and I have a humiliation line. I talk about WHATEVER I want, it is never about you. If I ever hear you jerking off I will hang up on your perverted ass ASAP! As a slave, you need to respect me. I will never engage in phone sex with your or talk about sex. If you are looking to talk FREAKY, call a phone sex operator or contact a cam girl… Contact me if you are unable to become a NF member. Visit my NF page:

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WebCam Sessions

These sessions are done via yahoo webcam or skype. There is NO voice chat and I do NOT want to watch you on cam. This type of session is to view & worship me on webcam while I ignore you and occasionally flip you off and laugh at how pathetic you are.

Skype Sessions

These sessions are done via skype ONLY, duh! During a Skype call, voice-chat is enabled and you will be able to hear and see me. If a slave wishes to go on webcam, they may do so. This is the only way that I will view your webcam. (Note that humiliation videos that you have seen on my blog were taken consensually from Skype sessions)

Real-Time Sessions

These sessions are done live, in-person with trusted slaves who have been serving me & who have paid their initial tributes & monthly servitude fees. The types of real-time sessions I will do are:

  • Shopping
  • Foot Worship
  • CBT/Ballbusting
  • Face Sitting (Fully Clothed)
  • Face Slapping
  • Face Spitting
  • Sissification
  • Forced Intox
  • Humiliation & Public Humiliation

Real-Time sessions are done at the location of MY choice…A copy of your valid ID is REQUIRED before the session and shredded and thrown away after the session. The purpose of that is for my saftey & I do not use it for blackmail reasons. Also, there will always be a bodyguard in or near – too bad they won’t be there for you when I kick you in the balls and take your ATM card! *LoL*


$5.99per minute
$75.00 per 10 minutes
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