Welcome to MY world, BITCH! I’m Princess Jersey… a gorgeous, bratty, consuming addiction. Often imitated, never duplicated. I’ve been traumatizing older men as a financial dominatrix since I was in high school… While the other girls were trying to tease boys to do their homework, I was destroying the brains of grown men and turning them into my financial slaves.

I manipulate, brainwash and control weak, pathetic males. Don’t fool yourself; all males are weak. I’m expert at finding your weaknesses and exploiting them. When I have you where I want you, you won’t think. You won’t care about anything but serving me. Understand from the beginning that you exist to serve me financially.

Now, as a young college student, my tastes and desires have matured. I live a lavish, champagne and designer label lifestyle. I enjoy all the luxuries that I desire. I get what I want. I’m beautiful, sexy, powerful, demanding, and have an insatiable greed.

I know your pathetic perversions. I know how to use them to turn you into a mindless drone.

From the second you opened this page, your life changed. Every pathetic craving in your weak, perverted mind is demanding that you crawl to me and become my financial slave.

Get ready to serve the most Elite Financial Dominatrix anywhere. Pull out that credit card and take the next step. You can’t resist.

I say what I want. I do what I want. I get what I want… End of story.