Dear Stevie: My Xmas List

Don’t think that you get to skid by this month by only paying for sessions… as an OWNED SLAVE, you’re required to provide and spoil me — especially CHRISTMAS.

Fuck your wife. Nobody cares about her wants or needs…

✨BEFORE YOU ORDER, you will sign into my EBATES account and purchase these items so that I’ll get cash back. Your job is to make Princess Jersey money as many ways possible.✨


slave stevie the ultimate cock sissy SLUT!

You failed to send me pictures of your panties all day yesterday (10/13) – fucking up already?

So the new terms are obviously going to be put into place immediately. Neither I or the others care about your stupid budget. If you instigate “rape” then you’ll pay BEFORE you cum and then after you pay you can CUM and will EAT IT. Hahahahahahaha…

Anyway… EVERY Friday you will send $100.00 via bill pay (that I’ve already added to your bank account) to MY BOFA credit card that I used for school tuition… you should be able to pay it off in 9 weeks. You must pay $100 every week and this does not count towards cum tax fees. This isn’t optional and you need to make the first payment NOW! I’ll be logging in every week to make sure you’ve done so without a reminder.

You’ll reload my Starbucks anytime I tell you to do so…

Tributing The Right Way

I forgot to post these tributes that a drive-by ASS WORSHIP ADDICT sent me… $1000.00 is such a perfect amount for a tribute. TAKE NOTE! If you need to apply for a credit card at your local credit union, DO IT! Stop being such a fucking USELESS LOSER! If you are contributing to my Princess lifestyle, you’ll at least be doing something USEFUL and MEANINGFUL with your life. Financial Domination.

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Podcasts Coming Soon

This is just an FYI podcast… get excited.


Financial Domination

#FinDom #FemDom

Hi losers… I know it’s been awhile since I blogged but I’ve been super busy and I want to “renovate” my website, but that takes time since I’m super picky and I do everything 100% myself (control issues)…

Anyway, I created members only area for the losers who can only afford up to $20.00 a month (LMFAO) and still want to watch My PREMIUM CONTENT– you can subscribe to OnlyFans for $9.99 this month… after this month, the rate will go up to $15.00 and then when I get over 50 videos, the rate will go to $19.99 month and probably stay at that rate. I add content almost daily.


It’s only $9.99/mo – SUBSCRIBE NOW!