Foot Boy Chronicles

I posted a pair of gym socks on ebanned a few weeks ago and they sold for $102 and they were won by a foot slave who never wants me to send the socks to him, he just wants to pay for them LMFAO – so I received the money in the mail this week and he sent $120 like a good little foot boy! So whoever is bidding on my current sock auction gets the socks he already bought… plus a new pair… PLUS a video! What does he get? Nothing. Just acknowledgement that he paid for socks that he’ll never get to touch or smell happy

Sidenote: I *LOVE* how professional the letter is…

image image

You Wish, Footboys…

The truth is that… you have a foot fetish…


you looked at my feet first before looking at my perfect ass and cleavage!

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Blog Construction

Throughout the weekend, I’ll be fixing my blog up a little bit more and adding more things… but less is more for me. I don’t want to clutter up your mind with videos and pix just to get you all confused so that you have too much free content to wank to.

I know how you stupid losers work… you are so easy.

Especially the little dicklettes, you never get any action from ANYONE so just seeing my sexy videos and images really do it for you! LMFAO! If you want to see videos, go buy them on clips4sale:

Owning Slave Stevie For LIFE

slave stevie paid down some of his debt in the amount of $800… he’s such a little bitch, here’s the story…

He had to take out a LOAN from ME so he could pay his rent because his OLD UGLY stupid wife got fired (not laid off) from her part-time daycare job, and they had a vacation already planned…

First, he needed $300 of the $600 back that he just tributed days earlier… Usually I would be like FUCK OFF BITCH but since he has been serving Me for about 5 years now and I literally OWN HIS LIFE and take/budget everything he has down to the last cent, I thought I would be “nice”, so I sent him $300 (plus $25 moneygram fee) … then a few days later he needed $300 more…

So that tribute of $800 is a reimbursement of what was already mine and in all actuality only paid me back a small tribute of $175! REALLY BITCH?! And then expects that I’ll have dinner with him this weekend. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Here is a video from the last time we “hung out” – LMFAO!!!!

PS: stevie, don’t forget you owe “Hannibal” $200… fitting that her middle name is really Hannah-Lynn huh?

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