Sissy Cunt Update

I received a $500 check from sissy cunt already this week. As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with My blog – he is to pay $500 every other week and sent this weeks check early to get on my good side… Good boy! You have earned yourself a session – I know you miss those bratty sessions with Me.

Podcast 11.15.15

Here is my first podcast, where I discuss updates… slave stevie, steven roberts, and slave ian!

New Things For Me :)

My beautiful Crate & Barrel “Spotlight Ebony Credenza” arrived this weekend and it’s soooo beautiful. I ordered it over a month ago and it was on backorder. I’m glad it came before my vacation. I’m upgrading my office, so now all I need is a rug and a few other things and it will be PERFECT. Like Me.  

Hypno Psycho

slave stevie called me at 3am… desperate. Listen to this little hypo-audio I made for him to listen to over and over… I’ll be making more for him because I know how much he loves hypnosis!

For Slave Stevie To Buy ASAP

Since you are such a slut and can’t stop cumming… instead of paying me $100 from the other night, you can buy me the following: Reindeer Christmas Stocking Holder (2 of them) Glitter Village Stocking Holder (Townhome) Text me for a 15% off coupon code…


I used to do podcasting, but the platform I was using was just annoying… now that they have improved everything since then. I’ll be starting podcasts again this month – maybe within the next week or so. Updating you on MYSELF, slaves, talking about random things, rants and raves… you’ll sure to get addicted to my bubblegum valley girl voice. …


So… today I finally received the “$300 check” that steven roberts was supposed to send weeks ago. But really I told him I wanted nothing but $500+ checks…. so this $300 I’m going to wipe my ass with, figuratively – I’m not that wasteful. He keeps asking when I’m going to take down the blogs with his information since he …

slave stevie and his little pee pee

Right now as I type this, my cousin Princess Drizzy (as she wants to be called lol) is currently playing “the hang up game” with slave stevie… and driving him INSANE! He sent out pics of him in a slutty tight red dress and “sexy” leggings…he’s home alone tonight, feeling naughty. He sent her a $100 amazon gift card but …

Updated Travel Schedule

11/24 – 11/30  → San Juan, Puerto Rico 12/15 – New Years → Boise, Idaho January 2016 →  POSSIBLY Los Angeles, CA

No Mercy

LOL… steven roberts had the nerve to text me today saying “take the blog down” LMFAO!!!!! You really think you have any control or power over what I do? UMMM NO. Think again, bitch. First of all, you owe me sooooo much money that it’s not even funny. Secondly, you’ve lied multiple times about how you “sent a check” and …