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Omg, just going through my business email and this is what it looks like… not complaining at all!

Just a lot to go through LOL… Keep on buying those clips!


Financial Domination seems to be a dying breed if you aren’t skilled at attracting submissive males and keeping them as slaves. Many have turned to JUST doing clips and appealing to more fetishes rather than just FINDOM – but the truly skilled, truly DOMINATE Dommes will be around for years to come…

IF you are a stupid male that can’t see past the average cam girl who is either working for a bigger company (usually a male who controls all of her marketing etc) or you are just so fucking PATHETIC that you will choose a “switch-domme” who is merely playing the role for the camera… go for it. BUT I want to keep Financial Domination the way it’s supposed to be…

NO DISCOUNTS… women charging chump change for their content or accepting less than $100 for a tribute, ugh!

NO MERCY… slaves shouldn’t have a choice or leniency… they should be controlled from their COCKS TO THEIR CASH.

SACRIFICE… have you exhausted all resources? Applied for every credit card, taken out personal lines of credit from your local credit union, pawned your valuables? Do I care about your credit? NO. I don’t care about your failing marriage or personal issues. Stop being so selfish. Give up control and let me lead the way… it feels so much better, I promise. Hahahahaha!

I just want potential slaves to know that if you are wanting to serve Me and devote your EVERYDAY to Me, then you need to have CASHAPP to pay Me.

You also need to be a member of My OnlyFans which is less than $10 month, so I shouldn’t hear any fussing over that. I should never hear any fussing at all, but yet – you pathetic weak males love to fuss about how you “can’t afford”… I don’t SPEAK THAT LANGUAGE. If you can’t afford to be a paypig, then you can’t afford to SERVE Me. You don’t deserve My attention. Watch Me from afar and be entirely useless for the rest of your life…


The new iPhone XS is supposed to debut this week. Just in time for cock craving slut Stevie to pre-order that iPhone upgrade for Me. Last year, he got me the newest iPhone X – and I was the envy of all my friends 😉 (as per usual)…

Anyway, even with my phone case, my OLED glass phone screen cracked last week while I was visiting my Grandma.

Stevie, you WILL be pre-ordering the newest iPhone. Or do I need to send everyone to your real life twitter account? #iThoughtSo