For some reason, twitter has repeatedly been flagging My content because somehow FEET or non-nude ass is violating their TOS… I call bullshit, I call haters reporting my content, and it’s just getting annoying… So I have decided to start blogging once again and I will be doing podcasts more often because they are easy to upload on here…

So currently, 9/28/19 – My twitter is suspended until further notice. But My IG is alive and kicking even though it’s constantly flagged, but I will just post My video teaser snippets on here from now on. NOW WHAT? Haters/LOSERS can’t flag My own site. I own it.

PLUS, you know what else – FINANCIAL DOMINATION started with geocities BLOGS and chatrooms… and it really needs to stay that way to keep the ingenuity alive.

As a submissive, you are just a fly on the wall – and WE as dommes give you insight into our indulgent lives that are ultimately funded by weak slaves. When things switched over to twitter as the main platform for everyone to post on versus BLOGS – I FEEL LIKE, things changed… non-dominant females started calling themselves FinDomme’s and offering DISCOUNTS and undercutting FINDOMMES whose “high prices” defined what FINANCIAL DOMINATION actually is… so now what has happened? FinDom has now been diluted down and true Financial Dommes had to either get with the program or lose their stupid slutty slaves to “insta dommes” who would “talk to the talk” for the same price.

The only difference is… you can talk the talk… but if you aren’t walking the walk – everyone can tell. We see it in the background of your pictures, the car you drive, and the clothes you wear. MOST “slaves” know a girl might just be a crossover camgirl, but they can’t afford to be a PAYPIG. IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO BE A PAYPIG – no true Financial Dominatrix even wants to deal with you.

AND even though this is a fantasy fetish for most slaves, not every submissive male, is willing to go into debt or sign their 401k over to a dominatrix they’ve only met online. BUT THE TRUE SLAVES, see through the bullshit and they have stuck around.

I’m only looking for TRUE SUBMISSIVE MALE SLAVES… ready and willing to give. Go into debt. SUFFER. Minimize their lifestyle and become “minimalists”… if you are a total loser who can’t afford being a PAYPIG, then find another fetish. Maybe your fetish is just, “humiliation by a bitchy girl”… but you will never be able to afford to be a financial dominatrix. You have shallow pockets. You’re already in debt. You don’t make enough. You are WORTH our time. It is never about you. It is always about THE DOMME. Remember, as a submissive slave… it will NEVER be about your pleasure. It’s your sacrifice. Tribute for ATTENTION. Don’t expect anything in return BUT attention… if that.

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