By: Mr. G aka Slave Fluffy

I stumbled upon Princess Jersey in a life changing moment several years ago. In fact, I was one of her first slaves and probably her longest serving one.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Princess Jersey was truly a “Princess” and was only 17 and in high school.  I had zero idea and was sure I was being dominated by a 20 something, experienced domme.  

From day one, not only was I mesmerized by her beauty, her sexiness, those breasts that melt my brain matter, and the attitude of dominance that flows through her body, but even at that age, she knew how to manipulate me, how to create in me and control an addiction for her.  She pulled out of me my twisted fantasies and weaknesses and used them to embed deep in my psyche an obsessive need for her, an inability to resist her and a mind numbing love for her that allowed her to drain me financially at will.

In those days, she had her slaves pay a set amount on Paypal for a 5 minute video chat on Yahoo.  Very quickly, she got into a routine with me where she ignored me for most of the 5 minutes, sometimes just making her bed or talking to other people, frequently going off screen entirely, and then, with the last 20 seconds, she would lean into the cam with her cleavage, that I had been craving for the entire 5 minutes, and then, just as I started to lose it for her boobs, possibly close to cuming, she’d turn off her cam.  I’d mindlessly buy another 5 minutes.  And over and over as she drained me for incredibly long periods of time.  It was stupid of me, easy to see what she was doing, but there was no way for me to resist.  She was inside my head, pulling my strings like I was her puppet – I was.

Then, she decided she wasn’t draining me fast enough, so she would raise the rates.  I’d object, ask her to charge back to her normal rate, and she’d just say then no cam at all.  She knew when the addiction was SO strong that there was no way to resist.  So I gave in, over and over, paying frequently double her normal rate.  She just laughed and knew she had me and drainings continued until she had maxed out everything I had, and I  had nothing left to give her at that time and we took the first of several fruitless breaks for me.

I got some therapy, tried to clear my head.  But, after not too long, I was back.  This time, she let me know she had been in high school before, and that fact alone helped break me again, realizing how pathetic I was, how easy her control over me was, and how she was only going to get stronger in her control over me as she got more experienced.

Over the next several years, I have no idea how many, she would go on binges of draining me.  My wife would either bust me for spending online or my credit cards would max out.  I’d try to escape, but really, I was just taking a break – I didn’t know that was happening, I thought, stupidly, “this time, I need to escape the crazy cycle of being financially drained for nothing in return but blue balls.”  But to no use, I’d fall back into her web again, she knew the buttons to push – breast worship, forced bi fantasies – which someday would become very real, teasing and denial, endless blue ball torture, humiliation, and general mind fucking. 

This was true financial domination, she would endelessly take me for cash, for gifts, for gift cards.  Whatever she wanted or needed and I’d be helpless to resist as she mind fucked me over and over again.  The ultimate symbol of her control over me was when she literally was lending me, as a true slave who was property, for her mother to make purchases on my credit cards.  Her mother would simply tell me what she wanted and I’d purchase it, as the two of them laughed together at the pathetic fool they were draining. 

And when Princess Jersey maxed out my credit cards another time, I became her homework slave for her online classes.  Doing hours and hours of projects for her.  With the pressure that if I didn’t get an A for her, the punishment would be my worst nightmare, her anger and ignoring me. 

A few years ago, with my credit cards at high levels, my wife on my ass for how our spending was so out of control, and demands at work, I pulled away again, committed to therapy and swore to myself, never again.  I could not ruin my entire life over snippets of video clips, short cam sessions, brief chats, and a note from Princess Jersey from time to time.  I was committed that this time would be different.  I promised myself. 

Princess Jersey, of course, had my cell phone number and would message me from time to time.  I’d resist, take a cold shower, meditate, focus on whatever I needed to clear my head.  Then just recently, it happened again, she messaged me, and she invited me to take just a very brief look at her blog.  And there I saw that she was doing in person, real time sessions with slaves who had earned it.  And I saw those breasts again, the ones that I NEVER could resist. And the idea of maybe, just maybe she would rub her cleavage in my face in person broke through, and I came crawling back to her. 

I am still trying to hold back, to be careful, not to fall completely under her spell again, as helpless as I was in the past.  But she knows me too well, too deeply.  She made me custom videos tailored to destroy me and made me pay for it.  I tried to hold back, but then, paid the fateful $100 and $50 just to see the video, to see what she thought would blow my mind.  She promised me that if I viewed them, the future videos would be only $20.  A promise.

I fell for it, like Charlie Brown as Lucy pulls the football away, again and again.  The videos wer more than I had bargained for and they broke me.  In the second video, she laughed about the $20 video promise and let me know she’ll take what she wants and deserves from me. 

The ache is unbearable again and I am desperate for that real time session, finally, after all these years of worshiping her off and on, mostly on, since she was in high school.  I will do what it takes to serve her in person, at her feet, with the dream of her breasts in my face, finishing me off for life – something that I crave.  

— Slave Fluffy

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