Cash Drops

You know, whatever city I’m in. Even if you can’t afford a RT session – I’ll still take your money and in return you get laughed at and probably publicly humiliated when I say LOSER out-loud in front of everyone.

When I go to LA soon… I’ll be allowing CASH DROP$ in public places. The perk, you get to meet Me and the privledge to see My famous perfect booty in person. And you get to be OF USE while I take your money to put into MY savings account.

Currently… I’m saving for ANOTHER luxury vehicle (My current LEXUS SUV is PAID OFF, and I want a Mercedes Coupe now to keep it company in the garage.) …Also savings for a downpayment for a home. Houses around here (that I want) are around 300k… 20% down on a 300k property is $60,000… I’m also saving to open my Salon/Spa which I’ll need around 20k for… LOTS TO PAY FOR WITH YOUR WALLETS!

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