Stevie’s FIRST RT Session

I really should be posting this tomorrow for TBT, but I couldn’t WAIT to show everyone SLAVE STEVIE’S VERY FIRST RT SESSION!

I remember it so well… I had him book a hotel room at The Hyatt Place in Buckhead (Atlanta)… When I arrived, he was ALREADY in his SLUT getup sans the makeup. After I gave him a SISSIFIED makeover… he was prepared to go LIVE online for all of My other slaves and fetish fanbase to view…

In this video, he practices sucking his BUTT PLUG… afterwards, I made him stick it in his slutty little clitty (aka his asshole) and I handcuffed him… then I took his debit card and headed to the ATM. I came back about an hour later…

This was just the first of many sessions and he just might be one of My very favorites. After all, I’ll be in his will when he dies. Not like he’ll have anything of value by then, because I’ve put him into such deep debt.

Since then… Stevie has lost his job, his house… but he still keeps coming back… I know this blog post is going to TRIGGER him… He will be a forever slave. A forever addict. And forever owned by ME.

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