Louis Vuitton Iena MM

Guess what beautiful lil’ thing showed up on My doorstep today? The Louis Vuitton Iena MM that SLAVE TOMMY sent Me a paypal for. I also plan to get the Neverfull MM AND Josh Backpack for traveling, but I chose the Iena MM for My everyday needs.

If you have been following Me for awhile. You will recall that in 2015, My townhome was broken into and ALL of My high-end luxury bags and shoes were stolen, along with a TV, laptop, iPad, and Xbox. So, I have to start over on My Louis Vuitton collection.

But anyway, BACK TO SLAVE TOMMY… He has been a member of My OnlyFans club for about a year now. He was getting customized videos from Me that I was charging $25 for… and then he would TIP Me $300, usually after every video.

Then the loser stopped tipping Me… so that made Princess upset – and I started charging $200 per video (the max amount allowed for PTV mail on OnlyFans)… These videos have grown more addicting and sexier with each passing week, but the bitch is still only paying Me $200, no extra tips…

SO ACTUALLY – HE’S BEEN PAYING LESS! OnlyFans only gives Me $160 fo the $200… and when he used to tip Me $300, CashApp was charging Me ZERO fee. So he really should be paying for HALF a video so I can get My DESERVED money. LOL… not joking though.

I told him that he needed to buy Me a new Louis Vuitton bag WAYYYY back in the summer since My birthday was August… but August came and went….

No bag…

And then I gave him the opportunity to redeem himself around Christmas AKA PRINCE$$MAS.

Still no bag…

Then it was time to really lay it on thickkk by sending multiple videos a week – mind-fucking him to no end. And guess what? He was soon BEGGING to buy the bag (which he sent a paypal for).

If SLAVE TOMMY earns My approval by PURCHASING every single video I sent him and follows My every demand – he will be earning a REAL-TIME SESSION soon. Of course this session will be fully funded be him.

→ First-class flight

→ Rental Car

→ Upscale Hotel (3 Night Stay)

→ Session Fee

→ Online Shopping or just PAYPAL drain, it’s faster and easier. *LMFAO*

I’m thinking there should be a vote on how much I make SLAVE TOMMY pay for his ONE HOUR SESSION… yes just one hour, and I know he’ll be BEGGING for more time…

Anyway, here is the bag in all of it’s glory:

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